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About our founders 

Our founders have struggled with the same issues each and everyone struggles, we are not just Harvard graduates who studied business, and / or personal developments, we have the proven and tested methods that works, it works for our business that we built, it works for your business and it works for any business. and any marriage.

Our mission

We believe the majority of failing businesses is not for a lack of opportunity but for a lack of leadership skills from the leaders, whether it's the financial strain that you need help with or the sales methods or the processes to implement and to follow that it is being executed, most of the issues are coachable and deal able.

The same is applicable to marriages and personal development, the majority of issues are the issues created by the people themselves, the blockages and the paradigm they live with that prevents them from reaching their true potential.

Which is why we founded Aticte, a consulting firm to help you reach your true potential with proven and tested methods

Our vision 

We believe everyone deserves a chance, we envision ourselves as your emotional partner to get through hardships and work with your innerself to reach new heights, places you never dreamed of reaching but were always within reach.

Through proven and tested methods, our professionals will be with you at every step of the way, from creating a vision for your business or your life and breaking it down in small achievable goals and then breaking it further down to small measurable steps that can be both measured and achieved within a small period of time, thus giving you the drive to continue in your journey!

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